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Life has been pretty hectic lately. For anyone who doesn’t know, I am planning my wedding, trying to finish my masters degree, and was working full time all while we have company in town. It hasn’t been the easiest trying to balance everything all at once. This past weekend, Nathan and I went to Utah for his families reunion. I was finally able to get a break from reality for a while. I enjoyed the Utah weather and loved it while it lasted. It wasn’t until we were driving to the airport that reality set back in. Getting an email saying that you and your chair person weren’t on the same page for your masters project a week before you are suppose to defend it really puts a damper on things. It actually makes your stomach hurt, and for you to stress cry in the middle of the airport. All while this is happenening Nathan is by my side telling me that everything will work out. Even when I think the world is going to end because I might have to defend my project later or completely start over, I know that the words he speaks are true. It isn’t the end of the world. I just need to keep working harder and hope that in a short week, I can accomplish something amazing. I have to keep thinking good thoughts, for if I don’t the stress of everything will overcome me and I will let the negativity get to me. Whenever you are overwhelmed, try your hardest or have someone around you remind you to think the good thoughts about your life…especially when our flight gets delayed as I am writing this!

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