The past 7 months

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The past seven months have been quite the adventure. Seven months from TODAY I walked across the stage and graduated from my undergraduate program. After that, a series of events occurred. In February I was surprised with a ring and a fiance. The wedding plans started as did my graduate classes. By the end of February, I received an offer to become a contractor at Informa. It was a full time job and an offer that I couldn’t refuse. With wedding plans, a full time job, and going to school, my life started to become hectic. My anxiety was at an all time high and my hours a sleep a night was at the an all time low. That was until today. Today I am finished. I am finished with school and today I become the first in my family to get their Master’s degree. However, this post isn’t just about me. Throughout this long and tiring process, I have had the best support system a girl could have. On the days that I felt like giving up or felt like I needed a break, I had my amazing family. I couldn’t have done it without their support and encouraging words! Thank you to all who have helped me and encouraged me through this journey! Now it is time to count down the days I get to walk across the stage again with my amazing fiance and focus on getting a job and getting ready for our wedding! The best is yet to come!

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  1. I am also trying to plan a wedding while working full time, but I can’t imagine adding school on top of it! Great job and congratulations ??

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