While the parents are away, the kids will play

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While The Parents Are Away, The Kids Will Play

My oh my was this week a crazy adventure! While my parents were out of town in paradise, Nathan and I experienced our own adventure.

This year is year two of a momma duck hatching her eggs in our yard. We hadn’t seen her in a while so none of us really knew when they could be coming. Well  on Tuesday night as Nathan and I went to my house to check on Christy, we found 7 little ducklings all swimming with their mom. One of the duckings unfortunately did not make it and was left in our filter. Adventure #1, getting the duckling out of the filter while there is a massive spider making his web right above it. Our solution involved pouring water into the filter so the spider would climb out. From there Nate killed it (it was really big) and we proceeded to think of a plan to get the small dead duckling out. We were able to find small pieces of cardboard to lift it out and put it in a bag. The poor little duckling 🙁

It wasn’t the only adventure that occurred that day for me. The same day that something special happened to that momma, I had something shocking happen to me. I went to work on that Tuesday thinking it was a normal day of work. It was until half way through my work day. Me and three others on my team (along with many others from different departments) were laid off. It was unexpected and shocking. I didn’t know what to think or even what to do other than start looking for other jobs. Luckily, I have until the 20th there and have enough money to get me through until I find another full time job. While all this was happening, I thought about how this wasn’t a horrible time for this to happen. I am finishing up my masters program and have family coming to town next week. Plus I have to start looking for wedding gowns! When one door closes another one opens!

It wasn’t until Thursday when we had another big adventure. When I got home from work I noticed a small duckling scared, calling for his mom in the pool. His mom and siblings had left about 48 hours ago and he was alone. Nathan and I scooped him up (it wasn’t easy since he was so scared and tried to run from us) and tried to feed him. We didn’t know what to do with the duckling but we knew that we had to do something. He couldn’t survive on his own being a new baby duckling. We called my cousin Stephanie who has a farm and she came to pick him up (after he ran into a bush and wouldn’t come out). We named him Douglas and he now has a new home where people love him!

I didn’t need anymore adventures for the week after that. I felt like my week had been busy enough. Saturday was the last night I was alone and guess what? Yup, Nathan and I did another adventure! In the morning we went to the Gilbert Farmers Market where we walked around, got Dutch Bros, and then ate breakfast at the Hen House! It was a fun adventure that we enjoyed. That was until we got home. My poor little pup (16 year old) Christy just smelled like pee. She had been peeing her bed and just sitting in it. It made me so sad to see but something needed to be done. So we strapped her into the car and drove her to get groomed! She was the happiest thing when we picked her up  and smelled like coconut!

While this week was super busy and quite a grown up experience, I was able to count on Nathan to help me. I was able to see what life was going to be like with him as my husband. Heck, I am so excited and ready to be his wife! I cannot wait to do more hectic, crazy, adventures with him for the rest of my life!


P.S. I officially applied for graduation yesterday! I will be finished July 12th and will walk in December with Nathan! The end is near!!!


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  1. Awww! Hardly recognized Christy. She’s so grey now. I’m so happy for you and Nate! You are so blessed to have found each other!

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