It’s the little things in life

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It’s the Little Things in Life


I truly felt inspired today to write a blog post (first time in a while) so today I write about an experience I had on Sunday!

Sunday was a busy day for me. I got up, showered, got myself ready and was out the door. I went to Walmart to get groceries then headed to Ulta since I was out of my favorite foundation! I walked in, got what I needed , and hurried to checkout. I was getting rung up when the girl looked at me and said “you look flawless.” I had never been so stunned. After that I kept a smile on my face for hours, feeling good and confident.

I finally got home from running errands and had to make 3 batches of brownies (which are now completely gone) for family dinner that night. In between them cooking, I decided it might be best for me to do my homework. I have had 0 motivation this summer but decided to just get it over with. I was finally finished when Nathan looked at me and said “Great job babe! I am so proud of you!” As he gave me the biggest hug and kiss.

It wasn’t until family dinner that I felt the last piece of my happiness for the day. I had made a picture for Nathan’s sister, Michelle who is having a baby this month and gave it to her, framed, on Sunday. She was so happy and thankful (I even got TWO hugs…I’m a big hugger). Just seeing and knowing that I was a part of that made me extremely happy.

Although I didn’t have the best day on Sunday (thanks anxiety), these three people were able to lift my spirits and make me think about the good in my day. Thank you Nathan, thank you Michelle (and even Randy too!), and thank you random person for helping make a bad day into a good one!

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