Hopping out of Easter Weekend

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With weekends always feeling short, it was safe to say that this weekend felt the shortest. I forgot how fast holiday weekends can be and with work and school creeping up again, I wanted it to stay Easter forever.

On Saturday, Nathan and I went to his house for an Easter egg hunt with all the nieces and nephews. It is so cute to see tiny humans get so excited over finding an Easter egg. It definitely makes my heart warm as I see their smiles and think that I too was that small once. It was a long day filled with family and fun.

Easter Sunday was filled with fun and laughs at my house with my family. For the first time in years, my mom didn’t have to make dinner. My dad and I stepped up to the plate and made (if I might say so myself) thee best Easter dinner ever. I enjoyed my families company and enjoyed all the fun pictures that we took. Check out the one below of me on my moms back reenacting the pose Nathan and I did.

Around 6, Nathan and I went to dinner #2 with his family. We stayed for a short time and came back over to my house to play marbles. Unfortunately, my dad and I got our butt kicked that was okay ( we always let my mom and uncle win anyway (; lol). It was safe to say it was a successful weekend.

I am now beat and ready for bed. I am not looking forward to a whole week of school and work. It has been a long weekend that went by pretty fast. Days like today are days I want to cherish forever. These are the type of days I will remember for the rest of my life.


P.S. The sugar scrub and body lotion that I got in my Easter basket (pictured below) is amazing!

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