The past 7 months


The past seven months have been quite the adventure. Seven months from TODAY I walked across the stage and graduated from my undergraduate program. After that, a series of events occurred. In February I was surprised with a ring and a fiance. The wedding plans started as did my graduate classes. By the end of February, I received an offer to become a contractor at Informa. It was a full time job and an offer that I couldn’t refuse. With wedding plans, a full time job, and going to school, my life started to become hectic. My anxiety was at an all time high and my hours a sleep a night was at the an all time low. That was until today. Today I am finished. I am finished with school and today I become the first in my family to get their Master’s degree. However, this post isn’t just about me. Throughout this long and tiring process, I have had the best support system a girl could have. On the days that I felt like giving up or felt like I needed a break, I had my amazing family. I couldn’t have done it without their support and encouraging words! Thank you to all who have helped me and encouraged me through this journey! Now it is time to count down the days I get to walk across the stage again with my amazing fiance and focus on getting a job and getting ready for our wedding! The best is yet to come!

Think good thoughts


Life has been pretty hectic lately. For anyone who doesn’t know, I am planning my wedding, trying to finish my masters degree, and was working full time all while we have company in town. It hasn’t been the easiest trying to balance everything all at once. This past weekend, Nathan and I went to Utah for his families reunion. I was finally able to get a break from reality for a while. I enjoyed the Utah weather and loved it while it lasted. It wasn’t until we were driving to the airport that reality set back in. Getting an email saying that you and your chair person weren’t on the same page for your masters project a week before you are suppose to defend it really puts a damper on things. It actually makes your stomach hurt, and for you to stress cry in the middle of the airport. All while this is happenening Nathan is by my side telling me that everything will work out. Even when I think the world is going to end because I might have to defend my project later or completely start over, I know that the words he speaks are true. It isn’t the end of the world. I just need to keep working harder and hope that in a short week, I can accomplish something amazing. I have to keep thinking good thoughts, for if I don’t the stress of everything will overcome me and I will let the negativity get to me. Whenever you are overwhelmed, try your hardest or have someone around you remind you to think the good thoughts about your life…especially when our flight gets delayed as I am writing this!

While the parents are away, the kids will play


While The Parents Are Away, The Kids Will Play

My oh my was this week a crazy adventure! While my parents were out of town in paradise, Nathan and I experienced our own adventure.

This year is year two of a momma duck hatching her eggs in our yard. We hadn’t seen her in a while so none of us really knew when they could be coming. Well  on Tuesday night as Nathan and I went to my house to check on Christy, we found 7 little ducklings all swimming with their mom. One of the duckings unfortunately did not make it and was left in our filter. Adventure #1, getting the duckling out of the filter while there is a massive spider making his web right above it. Our solution involved pouring water into the filter so the spider would climb out. From there Nate killed it (it was really big) and we proceeded to think of a plan to get the small dead duckling out. We were able to find small pieces of cardboard to lift it out and put it in a bag. The poor little duckling 🙁

It wasn’t the only adventure that occurred that day for me. The same day that something special happened to that momma, I had something shocking happen to me. I went to work on that Tuesday thinking it was a normal day of work. It was until half way through my work day. Me and three others on my team (along with many others from different departments) were laid off. It was unexpected and shocking. I didn’t know what to think or even what to do other than start looking for other jobs. Luckily, I have until the 20th there and have enough money to get me through until I find another full time job. While all this was happening, I thought about how this wasn’t a horrible time for this to happen. I am finishing up my masters program and have family coming to town next week. Plus I have to start looking for wedding gowns! When one door closes another one opens!

It wasn’t until Thursday when we had another big adventure. When I got home from work I noticed a small duckling scared, calling for his mom in the pool. His mom and siblings had left about 48 hours ago and he was alone. Nathan and I scooped him up (it wasn’t easy since he was so scared and tried to run from us) and tried to feed him. We didn’t know what to do with the duckling but we knew that we had to do something. He couldn’t survive on his own being a new baby duckling. We called my cousin Stephanie who has a farm and she came to pick him up (after he ran into a bush and wouldn’t come out). We named him Douglas and he now has a new home where people love him!

I didn’t need anymore adventures for the week after that. I felt like my week had been busy enough. Saturday was the last night I was alone and guess what? Yup, Nathan and I did another adventure! In the morning we went to the Gilbert Farmers Market where we walked around, got Dutch Bros, and then ate breakfast at the Hen House! It was a fun adventure that we enjoyed. That was until we got home. My poor little pup (16 year old) Christy just smelled like pee. She had been peeing her bed and just sitting in it. It made me so sad to see but something needed to be done. So we strapped her into the car and drove her to get groomed! She was the happiest thing when we picked her up  and smelled like coconut!

While this week was super busy and quite a grown up experience, I was able to count on Nathan to help me. I was able to see what life was going to be like with him as my husband. Heck, I am so excited and ready to be his wife! I cannot wait to do more hectic, crazy, adventures with him for the rest of my life!


P.S. I officially applied for graduation yesterday! I will be finished July 12th and will walk in December with Nathan! The end is near!!!


It’s the little things in life


It’s the Little Things in Life


I truly felt inspired today to write a blog post (first time in a while) so today I write about an experience I had on Sunday!

Sunday was a busy day for me. I got up, showered, got myself ready and was out the door. I went to Walmart to get groceries then headed to Ulta since I was out of my favorite foundation! I walked in, got what I needed , and hurried to checkout. I was getting rung up when the girl looked at me and said “you look flawless.” I had never been so stunned. After that I kept a smile on my face for hours, feeling good and confident.

I finally got home from running errands and had to make 3 batches of brownies (which are now completely gone) for family dinner that night. In between them cooking, I decided it might be best for me to do my homework. I have had 0 motivation this summer but decided to just get it over with. I was finally finished when Nathan looked at me and said “Great job babe! I am so proud of you!” As he gave me the biggest hug and kiss.

It wasn’t until family dinner that I felt the last piece of my happiness for the day. I had made a picture for Nathan’s sister, Michelle who is having a baby this month and gave it to her, framed, on Sunday. She was so happy and thankful (I even got TWO hugs…I’m a big hugger). Just seeing and knowing that I was a part of that made me extremely happy.

Although I didn’t have the best day on Sunday (thanks anxiety), these three people were able to lift my spirits and make me think about the good in my day. Thank you Nathan, thank you Michelle (and even Randy too!), and thank you random person for helping make a bad day into a good one!



As I was driving home from signing the paperwork for my new “big girl” job, I was deep in jamming out to a few 2000’s oldies. It was great to hear songs that I used to listen to when younger but one song changed the way I was thinking immediately.

As I walked away from signing my contract, there was a sad pit in my heart. I was going to have to give up the amazing internship that I loved, the amazing environment that I was around, and lastly the amazing people. All those memories that I shared with the people at AKOS would never be forgotten.

As the music continued to blast, my pity party only got worse. That was until “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield came on. Listening to the lyrics, I realized that I needed to stop with my pity party and be happy with where I am going.

I am a newly engaged woman who is going to get married in a year, how can I be sad?

I am spreading my wings. I am finally ready to leave the nest of AKOS where I have done nothing but learn from amazing developers.

My life is not ending just because I get this new job, it is only just beginning. Change is difficult to me, especially when it involves a new place and new people, but I knew that no matter what new changes I had in my life, it was worth changing as long as I had the love of my life by my side.

I realized that I am just starting life. I get to experience it from the way I want to, not my parents. It is scary but I know that I will be fine. For the past 21 years, my story has had co-authors, and now this story is all mine. My story has only just begin….and well the rest is still unwritten (for now).